A little bit about BeautyBatik

In 2006, BeautyBatik was founded by us - a husband and wife team, and built on a foundation of love for ethnic and artistic clothing. We believe in carefree and peaceful lifestyle. We love travelling and we cherish every cultural experience of the places we visit. There are times when we found unique garments which are so beautiful, and we couldn't resist to bring them back and share it with you. Often, our clothing was not something "on trend " but it will be those with the longevity and versatility, and those that work now and will for years to come.

Today, we also make garments which carry these value - free spirit, artistic and one of a kind. We work directly with the producer so that the money earned will go straight to them and stays with them. This way, we hope to leave positive effect on their life and living standard.

Lastly, we ask the like-minded people to join us and experience what we offered here. We always welcome your suggestion and comment, as we believe constant improvement is essential to grow stronger. Happy shopping and ~ PEACE ~ everyday!

~~~ Beautybatik is a brand registered under Expora Trading headquarter in Malaysia.~~~
~~~ Classicmod is a sister brand registered under Classimod Ptd Ltd headquarter in Singapore.~~~

Address: Classicmod Pte Ltd 51 GOLDHILL PLAZA #07-07 SINGAPORE (308900) custcare@classicmod.com
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